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Other Areas of Practice


  • Acting for both sellers and purchasers in residential house conveyancing matters.
  • Acting for sellers and purchasers in the purchase of units.
  • Acting for sellers and purchasers in the purchase of  commercial properties.

Wills & Estates

  • Wills.
  • Testamentary Trusts
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  • Advanced Health Directives.
  • Binding Death Benefit Nominations.
  • Grants of Probate and Letters of administration and other estae administration.

Commercial Litigation

  • Representation in all commercial disputes including mediations, trial preparation, trials and appeals in all jurisdictions including the High Court of Australia.
  • Representation on behalf of corporations and individuals in trade practice matters including deceptive and misleading conduct and abuse of market share.
  • Representations on behalf of Landlords to remove Tenants and to recover rental arrears.
  • Applications to court to wind up companies and for appoinments of Statutory Trustee.
  • Representation on behalf of corporations and individuals in building disputes.


  • Appearances as an advocate in cases in the Magistrate, District and Supreme Court.
  • Appearances in the Industrial Relations Commission.
  • Appearances in the Human Rights Commission.     
  • Appearances in the Australian Crime Commission and other quasi- judicial arenas.

Commercial Law

  • Advice in leasing matters.
  • Preparation of leases.
  • Advice in respect of partnerships.
  • Preparation of partnership agreements.
  • Advice to clients in respect to agreements for sale of personal property, chattels, and businesses.
  • Advice in respect to business structures.
  • Advice in respect to trusts.
  • Advice in respect to building contracts.
  • Advice in respect to building disputes.
  • Advice in respect of insolvency.
  • Appearances at and conduct of creditors meetings.
  • Advice to directors in respect of their duties and liabilities.


  • Drug offences.
  • Armed Robbery.
  • Break and enter.
  • Assault offences.
  • Sexual offences.
  • Tax offences.
  • Nuisance offences.
  • Stealing offences.
  • Traffic matters.
  • Drink driving offences.
  • Work licenses and other licensing matters.
  • Legally aided matters

Family Law

  • Divorce.
  • Spousal Maintenance.
  • Binding financial agreements for married and de facto couples.
  • Married and De facto property settlement.
  • Division of Assets.
  • Superannuation splits.
  • Family companies and trusts.
  • Partnerships.
  • Business relationships.
  • Children.
  • Living Arrangements.
  • Child Support.
  • Time spent with parents.
  • Time spent with grandparents and other relatives.

Employment Law

  • Advice to both corporations and individuals in respect to Workplace Health and Safety issues.
  • Advice to employers in respect of disciplinary matters and terminating employment.
  • Advice to employees in respect to wrongful dismissal.
  • Advice to individuals and in respect to sexual harassment.
  • Pursuing matters in the Human Rights Commission.
  • Attending conferences with employees and employers to resolve matters in respect of employment.

General Insurance

  • Advice to clients in respect to insurance contract matters.
  • Advice to clients in respect to property damage together with insurance ramifications.
  • Advice to individuals and corporations in respect of duties of good faith and insurance fraud.